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Maple Grove 2018 Velocity 3v3 Elite Squirt CHAMPIONS!

2018 Velocity Fall Pre-Tryout Clinics

In preparation to performing to be your best it requires time devoted to developing your hockey skills year round. To be ready for try-outs it is time refine your skills and get back to work. Join us at Velocity for high quality instruction devoted to improving your individual skills and feel more confident and prepared when you step out on the ice in anticipation of reaching your goals to make a team!

Each fall, Velocity Hockey has opportunities to prepare you to be your best for try-outs.  We are offering both on and off the ice programs to prepare you the best you can.  

Beginning in September, Our Pre-Tryout Clinics will push you beyond your comfort zone to maximize the time and produce noticable improvement in preparation for the upcoming season.  Within our Pre-tryout Clinics we will focus on fine tuning existing skills providing a last dose of confidence to perform your very best in try-outs.  

We will be focusing on the following when your here for your session:

1.  Conditioning
2.  Skating
3.  Stickhandling & Shooting
4.  Body Position
5.  Small Area Games
6.  High Compete Drills
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2018 PeeWee/12U Pre-Tryout Clinic Registration (3 SPOTS LEFT)

Pom Mid Women's Heather Klein Grey Beanie Calvin Please click on link for program details.

PeeWee/12U Schedule

Pom Grey Klein Beanie Mid Heather Calvin Women's
9/17 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity
9/18 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity
9/20 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity
9/24 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity
9/25 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity
9/27 6:30-7:45pm EP Velocity

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2018 Squirt/10U Pre-Tryout Clinic Registration (FULL)

Please click on link for program details.

Squirts/10U Schedule

9/17 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity
9/18 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity
9/20 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity
9/24 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity
9/25 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity
9/27 5:00-6:15pm EP Velocity